Parking App Development: Steps, Features, Costs

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What is it that we are talking about? We’re talking about daily routines that which people participate in, as well as some digital solutions to help them to be more manageable. For instance, parking apps. Users can locate the parking spot quicker and pay with credit card, and then locate their vehicle quickly in a jumble of vehicles.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the development of car parking apps You should go through this article. Here you will discover the different types of existing parking apps and the basic principles functions of apps, Parking App Development and much more. Let’s begin our journey!

How Parking App Works

The basic idea behind parking app functionality is quite easy. The app begins by offering search options. Users can locate nearby parking spaces or type in the address of where they’d like to park their vehicle.

If there are many alternatives in a certain area the users can sort them down and select the most appropriate option for their needs. When they’ve made their choice and decide to make a reservation for the parking space. The customer can pay in a matter of minutes using the internet banking option or following the parking of their vehicle in cash (or with the QR-code).

Then, they will are able to navigate to get from where they are and parking. It is not necessary to move a car at the speed of light since the parking space is booked and no one is going to take the space. This is a quick sequence of events that drivers must follow. It will take just two minutes.

How Parking Apps Gather Data

There are two ways to go about it to track the vacant and occupied areas by hand, or use sensors. The manual method is more difficult and exhausting which is why sensors are a better choice.

Sensors are placed in the parking area (or in the ceiling when it’s a garage) Sensors can be ultrasonic distance devices or cameras. Cameras permit you to view a vehicle’s name and model, along with the plate number, and so it becomes more convenient for both you and the user to locate their vehicle.

Parking App Business Plan

Selecting a business model prior to the car parking app creation process. Parking apps aren’t something that is unique to the market today, therefore it is important to research the businesses models other competitors employ. This article will examine three models of basic that are employed by various parking applications.

Navigation-based model.

This is the simplest method that some parking apps utilize. Users can find an open parking space near their current area. It’s not possible to reserve parking prior to time, which is why these apps are primarily useful for finding parking. Additionally, your MVP might be based on this model of business.

A booking and navigation model.

A more sophisticated model that includes booking procedures and navigation. Users can reserve a space and then drive there to park their vehicle at the desired location. Navigation will show users the way to the reserved spot. The apps offer a variety of payment options — cashless with a credit card or cash on arrival.

A fully-fledged, full-service model.

This type of model is most costly, however it offers all the services that parking apps can boast about. In addition to pre-booking options customers can also extend their booking time in case they are delayed, for example. Some parking apps can provide services such as valet parking your vehicle. Of course, you will be able to view all the personal information of a valet so you can be sure that your car is secure.

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Types Of Apps For Parking

It is essential to know what kinds of apps for parking are offered in the market, and which ones could be beneficial in your situation, if you plan to provide your potential customers with all the benefits of a parking app development . If you are looking to get into the market with confidence, don’t ignore this part.

Local Parking App development

For instance, you’re looking to parking app development for a specific parking. Additionally, you can create the parking area completely from scratch. You can rent a space for free then protect it with fencing and mark it up and the list goes on. Then, you create an app for parking that has all the features you need. But, you could also create several parking areas and also around the city, and your app can manage each of them.

Broad Parking App

This kind of app is distinct from the previous one. The parking app could be developed not specifically for specific parking lot brands however, but for various parking spaces around the country, and even different countries. The apps that are available are more widespread and are widely used which means that you have to make every effort to be competitive with them.

Parking Time App

There are not many parking apps that offer users the option to reserve parking spots during a particular time. If users plan an excursion to another city and/or country can look for parking spots prior to their trip and reserve the space.

Important! This doesn’t mean you are able to only create one of these types. Your parking app could comprise several types. However, we recommend creating one that has payment and booking features. Otherwise, it’s too basic and will not be competing at all.

How To Build A Parking App: Steps To Consider

We’ve reached the main part of the manual on how to build an app that allows parking step-by-step. This section will cover the most important steps for the development of mobile apps for parking be sure to pay attentively to it. If you have any queries our sales staff is available to assist you.

Start With A Business Plan

For the business model, you’ve previously read about this. Apart from business models, it is essential to make a business plan that you outline the most crucial aspects to consider. This means you have note down the expected budget to be spent on the venture, its target public and location, revenue models and business names, potential risks and threats.

Analyze Competitors

This will assist you to develop a business plan. You must analyze the applications that are already in use, identify their strengths and weaknesses and create your development plan. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd and provide reliable solutions to your future customers.

Create A Legal Entity

If you plan to construct an area for parking and create an app to promote it, think about forming an legal entity for your business. We suggest it is best to create an LLC (Limited liability corporation) is the most suitable option as it protects your business from personal liability in the event of any lawsuit.

Find A Location For Parking

In addition, in an idea of creating an outdoor parking area and you are looking for the right area. Make sure to get in touch with a reputable real estate company within your city. they’ll find an area that is well-located and has potential commercial advantages. For instance, properties near airports or railway station are always highly sought-after due to an increase in the number of drivers.

Hire App Development Team

There are numerous software development firms around the globe, and an array of choices can make you feel ashamed. But, you should concentrate on companies that develop software located in Eastern Europe since they may offer a superior service at a low cost. Software outsourcing of development is a common practice, and you shouldn’t overlook it.

Choose Necessary Parking App Features

Create a list of key features that you need to have in your app for parking. There are many options and depend on the needs of the app However, there are essential features that are required for a viable product. Keep in mind that MVP is a key element and you can read further about this on this article. In terms of details, the next section will be covering all of the features for parking apps.

Don’t Forget About UI/UX Design

Parking apps are an application that is frequently used during rush hours. This is the reason the reason why its user interface and user experience must be designed with care. Remember that people who use parking apps generally don’t have the time to figure out what the app does. It should be easy to use with large fonts, large and easily visible buttons, as well as a night mode that will enhance browsing when it’s dark outside. Cadabra Studio is proficient in the creation of parking apps So if you contact us and tell us about your idea and we’ll be able to help you understand the requirements and specifics.

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Updates, Updates, Updates One More

And the final thing to do is make regular updates. Make sure it is updated so that you can give drivers the latest details. In addition should there be any bugs even the smallest ones, app developers should correct them right away. If not, it can cause discontent from users and application failing.

Parking App Features

Let’s look at what characteristics your application for parking must include. It’s worth noting that the app for parking should be developed in two distinct types: one for users and the other for owners of parking. We will look at both options and explain the two options.

Features For User Panel

Registration. Users must enter their credentials in order to sign-in to the app and then use the app fully. Social sign-in has become more popular. Users are able to sign-up using already existing accounts on Facebook as well as Google.


This feature allows drivers to locate their vehicle, find an available parking space using the navigation system to calculate the distance between their car and the parking area.

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The search bar that has filters allows drivers to locate parking spots in a specific area or city, while taking into consideration the other parking requirements (cashless payment or the amount of available spots, etc. ).

Time period.

Users will be able to see what time is left until the expiration of the deadline for parking which makes it feasible to extend the duration if needed. Additionally, this feature calculates an approximate time to drive from the moment the driver is in to the parking spot that’s required.


Users can reserve the parking spot they prefer and park at the spot. Pre-booking is advantageous since it allows users to book the best space prior to their arrival. However, this feature can be eliminated when you upgrade to the MVP version.


Options for payment can vary according to what we have mentioned. It is best to consider both cash and cashless options. Furthermore, some parking areas offer QR codes that allow you to pay parking there. Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal — all these options should be accessible to make sure that there is a greater population.


Drivers can keep track of the history of their parking, check their most frequent spots, the cost to be paid for each spot, and so on. It lets drivers park in a spot they like repeatedly.


It’s very helpful that users can see everything about a particular parking space and whether it’s comfortable dirty, clean or not and so on. So, new drivers can decide after examining reviews and rated.

Features For Parking Owners


Similar to users, owners of parking lots are able to sign up via social media platforms to manage their parking efficiently.

Management of parking spots.

The owner can change or delete parking spots, or manage their numbers.

Management of price.

If one of the spots has more popularity, the parking proprietor can control the cost and raise the price accordingly. In other words extended parking could be cheaper than shorter time periods of parking. Additionally, parking spaces for certain types of vehicles can be pricey (e.g. large vehicles).

Booking checking/management.

Owners can monitor the amount of bookings that are that are made in their parking area. In addition, the owner can either decline or accept requests based on the priority. If, for instance, regular customers wish to park their vehicle the request will be given priority.

Accept payments.

With one of the payment processors integrated parking owners can manage the payment process, accept them and examine the historical history of payments.


A business owner should be able to use this feature so that they can see any feedback or comments, and take into consideration and improve the quality of the service.

User management.

It lets the owner modify the user list as well as add or remove them. It also allows them to view their information and offer them the best customer experience.

Examples Of Top Parking Apps

There are a myriad of parking finder mobile apps in the market, however we will not go through every one of them. Let’s look at some of the best examples to find out the features they offer and the reason they gained popularity.


Parkopedia’s name comes by combining the words parking and an encyclopedia. Yes, it’s an actual encyclopedia of parking spots. In the present, the app lists information about 700 million parking spots across 15,000 cities across the globe This is quite amazing.

Drivers can contribute all the details and Parkopedia can be described as a kind of social media platform where every driver is able to help in the growth of the app. Through Parkopedia, you can design a route, search for parking spots, check opening hours, narrow your search by using filters as well as other features.


The app is positioned as the most accurate app for parking. Apart from parking on streets it is possible to locate garages that are available on the map. The comparison feature lets users to compare prices for different parking spaces and a built-in timer will stop you from staying for too long and paying too much. ParkMe gives you information about parking spaces available in more than 500 cities across the globe.


Another parking app that is on our wish list is called BestParking. Its primary characteristic is its ability to book and find parking with the most affordable price. If you locate the perfect parking spot for you and you save it for the most popular. BestParking is designed to serve North America, and it is accessible in 105 cities across the region. Each month, the app has around 850,000 customers.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Parking App?

We have reached the final part, which is crucial for any entrepreneur as they must estimate their budget and decide whether this game is worth the price. For costs for developing a car parking app it can be a bit difficult to give you exact estimates.

The first thing to consider is your needs, as you’re aware. The number of features, the chosen business model, specifics of UX/UI design smartphones (Android, iOS, or both).

The second is that the price will differ based on the location in the world where the company that develops software is situated. Hourly costs within North America start from $100 and for Western Europe, rates may vary from $75 to $100. Eastern Europe provides $25 — $50, however rates can differ depending on different factors.

That’s why the app for parking could cost you $10,000 or $50,000, and the initial price cannot be determined in the beginning. If you require precise figures and need developers to create parking apps please get in touch with us at any timeWe will give you a detailed explanation when you submit your ideas and requirements. We’ll be delighted to assist you and help solve your issue!



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