Why Invest Money in an Online Grocery app in 2023?

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6 min readNov 2, 2022

It is estimated that the Online Grocery app delivery market share is anticipated to grow by approximately USD 800.00 billion between 2020 and 2025.

The market’s growth rate will increase by a CAGR of 25.25 per cent.

What is it that makes the grocery delivery service so well-known?

For Customers:

Why wait in a long line at the Online Grocery app to get the groceries you need at the touch of an app on your mobile?
What They Get:

  1. Convenience
  2. Better Shopping Experience
  3. Save Costs (Time and Travel)
  4. Access to Order History
  5. Facility to Repeat Orders

For App Owners:

Why do you have to pay rent and stocking costs when the inventory is directly purchased from vendors within the business of grocery?
What They Get:

  1. Cost Savings (Advertising, Rent, Insurance)
  2. Better Client Service
  3. Fully Accurate Recordkeeping
  4. More Brand Reach
  5. More Customer Loyalty

Top Players in the Grocery Delivery Industry

  1. Walmart+
  2. Instacart
  3. Shipt
  4. Target
  5. Kroger
  1. Whole Foods Market
  2. GoPuff
  3. FreshDirect
  4. Boxed

What were the grocery delivery apps help?

They can deliver same day to customers with a click of one button.

What’s more?

Customers can make orders from multiple stores at the same time.

It is easy to reorder their most-loved items.

The app’s creators are constantly refining processes and features to handle product substitutions, and shopper errors and to encourage tipping.

Case In Point: Instacart

From Feb. 2020 Instacart noticed an increase in demand for products like toilet paper, canned vegetables, and milk with a long shelf-life.

In the first quarter of the year, 2020 business added 3,00,000 shoppers and riders to be responsible for picking up and delivery of food items.

By 2021 Instacart reported an income in the range of $1.8 billion.

What is the Instacart Business Model?

Instacart employs a shared-economy business model to provide the convenience of local grocery delivery on demand to its customers.

Instacart is not an actual grocery store. It is instead a marketplace for Online Grocery app to sell their goods.

Instacart earns money from companies’ placement and distribution charges.

How do you place an order through Instacart?

  1. The app allows customers to pick their favorite supermarket.
  2. They peruse the supermarket for items, add quantities, and confirm their purchase.
  3. The customers who place the purchase are self-employed and part-time Instacart employees.
  4. They purchase the items desired by the customer and then deliver them to their doorstep.
  5. Users pay with the app and then receive their items without leaving their homes.

The Benefits of Online Grocery app

If you are considering building an Online Grocery app delivery take a look at the benefits listed in this list that could be appealing to you as an entrepreneur and, of course, to your customers.

1. Online Grocery app Are Budget Savers

Commonly, shoppers go to the market with a grocery list, but then buy many additional items they never planned to purchase.

As you wander through the aisles looking for the items you’d like you are enticed by sales or other products that you find yourself craving immediately after seeing the packaging.

When you finally make it to the cashier to pay and are treated with a bill that is much more than you anticipated to pay.

With the grocery shopping platforms, you’re much more inclined to stay on the list you’ve made and, since the total cost is calculated each time adding items to your shopping cart

There aren’t any unpleasant surprise charges after you’ve paid. If you exceed your budget, you can take items out of your shopping basket with no problem.

2. They Help Discover Your Target Audience

The cloud-based system lets the app keep data from prior purchases. This means that you’ll be able to track the frequency with which the users utilize the application, what kinds of products they buy, and the delivery times they prefer.

Additionally using your application with the function “Leave Feedback” you will find the strengths and weak points of your product and allow you to improve the user experience.

3. “Track the Delivery” Feature Is Vital

With hectic schedules, consumers must know the exact state of their order as they are processing it. The use of GPS for your app for grocery delivery will provide exactly where they placed the order, so an enjoyable user experience is assured.

4. Social-Distance Delivery Feature

Certain Online Grocery app have altered their delivery options, including “to-door” or takeaway options. This means that when the package is delivered the courier will sound the alarm or issue a notice to collect it.

As quarantine rules remain in force in certain states and countries that have this option, it will put the online grocery store highly in demand and help your customers aren’t interacting with other customers in a way that is not necessary.

When is the right moment to develop an Online Grocery app delivery?

  1. Easily Manage Inventory
  2. Find out the status of inventory using an Administrator Panel
  3. It can be accessed via smartphones or computers
  4. Set up notifications for stocks and make them easy to order
  5. Control past, present, and future stocks
  6. Effectively Achieve Remarketing Targets
  7. Gather accurate Customer Data
  8. The ability to analyze the Customer Behavior
  9. Make more customized offers
  10. Offer Buying Suggestions
  11. Be Future Ready
  12. Utilize Cloud-Based Data Storage
  13. There is no need to rely on paperwork
  14. Reducing your carbon footprint
  15. Reduce Costs of Delivery by optimizing the route

How Does Brisk Logic Help?

1. Customer Web & Apps

Easy Login

Allow users to log in effortlessly with basic information or by using your social media profiles.

Advanced Search

Help customers locate and select the food items they require with Advanced search features.

Schedule Booking

Allow customers to set up delivery times for food items on their own time.

Push Notifications & Alerts

Provide your customers with real-time updates regarding the status of their grocery deliveries through SMS or email.

Order Tracking

Track the orders in real-time on the map interface.

Secure Payments

Provide a variety of payment methods that are secure to give your customers the most satisfying shopping experience.

2. Admin Dashboard

Manage at Single Place

Use a powerful dashboard to handle all of your deliveries and orders.

Monitor Deliveries

Designate drivers and keep track of every minute of delivery in real-time

Instant Updates

Get notifications on every order and efficiently reduce the time spent on the Online Grocery app delivery.

Product Listing

Remove or add products to the category list according to their availability.

Discounts & Offers

Improve the experience of your customers by giving them coupons and discount vouchers.

Business Analytics

Manage and monitor daily orders late delivery and canceled orders.

3. Delivery Agent App

Easy Onboarding

You can be sure of hassle-free and convenient registration for grocery delivery service agents.

Timely Order Notifications

The delivery agent should receive instant notification of your order to ensure timely delivery.

Route Optimization

Let the delivery agent select the most efficient and shortest delivery route.

Delivery Status & Details

Include all information including customer details and delivery address and order status.

Share Availability

Allow your agent to modify and communicate his or her availability at any point using the application.

Daily Earning Reports

Keep the track of their earnings per day by calculating the number of deliveries and working hours.

Are you looking to create a powerful Online Grocery app delivery?

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